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a site specific soundwalk in style of a radio play about lucid dreaming

listen in headphones

I was on a giant horse in a supermarket

There was a guy behind me 

giving me endless instructions 

on what to do, to control the horse 

and I was getting panicked.

The horse started running, throwing me off, shattering everything in the shop, 

people were screaming 

so I got really stressed and 

I was pulling on the horse.

That’s when I realized I was dreaming 

and I leaned on the horse 

and didn’t mind the store.

The horse knew I wasn’t his master 

and that he was in control 

He was making these weird human sounds. 

I touched his spine.

He stopped shaking me off, but kept shattering everything in the store. 

People disappeared 

and then 

I was just on the horse in this empty 

bright fluorescent supermarket/garage atmosphere.

Dreamwalk was part of the exhibition ‘The being that is human’ in 2017, curated by Marjolijn Rijks and Mayke Haringhuizen for BANK. Participants were givenThe exhibition was a collaboration with artists Yoojin Lee and Ehsan Ul Haq.

Participants were given an MP3 player and headphones. While listening to the work they were lead through the building (previously used by a bank office) down the elevator through a darkened underground parking space encountering other art installations.

Exhibition text:

For our fourth exhibition, Yoojin Lee, Mayke Haringhuizen and Ehsan Ul Haq take us to an existential path, questioning the how and why of being human beings. Through audio, sculpture and performative work they address what shapes the human existence: it’s states of in-between, being in control, consciousness and dreams, and power position over other beings.

Mayke Haringhuizen makes story-based audio installations that center around the act of listening. She observes how human beings shape their perception of reality by acts of lying, remembering and dreaming. These phenomena both encapsulate our existence as conscious beings, as well as go beyond the parameters of the bodily existence. Through her own narrations Haringhuizen muses how we create truths and give shape to our identity, beliefs and worldviews. Attention and patience is often asked from the viewer/listener to allow an experience to enfold, that let’s the mind wander inwards while being aware of the present moment.