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A Lie, memory, dream and truth

Do lies tell more then the truth?

Do memories form part of my personality?

Am I myself in my dreams?

In this enclosed listening space you can sit down surrounded by 6 speakers. On two walls subtitles are projected of the voice you hear.

The past relationship between the artist and her mother is told. Words heard and words read are timed closely, yet sometimes there is a glitch, words and sound do not match up, revealing another layer to the story.

A video appears intermittently. Similarly dresses young women float with arms spread, their ears just underneath the waterline. Still, focused, inward, vulnerable, trying to stay afloat. Their voices circle around you through the speakers, telling you things they have experienced. They tell you four events from their lives:

One that is true, 
one that is a lie, 
one they recall from memory
and one that they dreamt.
Can you tell which is which? Does it matter?